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Little Girl Lost

Posted 1/1/2003

I just want to say that I am deeply hurt by the lost of little Marciana (Mobtown Beat, Dec. 18). I believe that the press, police, or whoever were not at all concerned for the safety or whereabouts of this child. If this had been a white child, the press would have been on the case night and day. [The police] would have held the suspect in custody until they found out further information. He was the No. 1 suspect. I am surprised they let him go being that he was black. Maybe people wouldn't be so sorrowful now if he was suffering as much as everyone else, including myself.

I am not being racist or anything. I am just upset about this whole incident. I know the death of Marcy could not have been prevented, but all these clues that were in the hands of detectives could have prevented [Jamal] Abeokuto from having freedom. I hope he is caught by the police and serves life in jail, but I think he deserves the death penalty. You all might not think so, but I do. I think he should experience the suffering that we did and the suffering that Marciana Monia Ringo had to go through. Abeokuto is a low-life, heartless devil, and his life will not be easy in these future days.

Daisha Lyell

Wind Done Gone

I have never written a letter to the editor before but find myself compelled to do so now. How in God's name can you call yourself a paper when I recently read your top 10 picks for the best theater in Baltimore, and you did not include the recent Spotlighters production of Inherit The Wind! (The Year on Stage, Dec. 18) Could that be because no one from your paper even bothered to review it? Imagine Ebert and Roeper choosing the top 10 picks in film and not having seen the movies. It is disgraceful that 1) you omitted this wonderful production from your choices and 2) call yourself a City Paper, yet do not support the arts within the city. I wish I were paying for a subscription just so I could cancel it! You owe the producers and actors an apology and, more importantly, your readership for denying them the opportunity to view this timely and relevant production due to your theater critic's ineptitude. Unfortunately, I doubt you will have the courage to admit your mistake and print this. Wouldn't it be nice if you were to prove me wrong!

David Robinson
Bel Air

Cabinet of Horrors

Tom Tomorrow has it right in presenting the Bush team in the context of a comic strip ( The irony of the lust for war by the Administration is not the tragedy it promises, but its stupidity. Despite the credentials of the Cabinet and the "advisors," one senses that what we have here is the Gang That Can't Shoot Straight.

If the citizens allow an attack on Iraq supported by specious justification, which will kill thousands, the world and history may well turn on us as they did on Nazi Germany.

The schedule appears to be set. Decent Americans must now raise their voices before the tragic orders for this contrived attack are given. Patriotic Americans of intelligence and goodwill need to muster the gumption to stop the madness before it's too late.

Rafe Pilgrim

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