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Cabin Fever

Posted 8/21/2002

Forty Republicans voted against the gay-rights bill when it passed the General Assembly last year. Only seven voted for it.

Nonetheless, an official of the Maryland chapter of the pro-gay Log Cabin Republicans had the nerve to criticize the Democrat-led General Assembly for taking more than a decade to pass this landmark anti-discrimination law (Campaign Beat, Aug. 14).

Had the Republicans been in charge, a gay, lesbian, or bisexual Marylander could still be denied the right to rent or own a home--log cabin or otherwise.

Del. Samuel "Sandy" Rosenberg (D-42nd)

Jonesing for a Fight

Which campaign is the City Paper watching to say that it is "tempting to say Mitchell's a shoo-in?" (Ballot Stuffing, Aug. 14) Has the City Paper read the latest campaign finance reports? State Sen. Clarence Mitchell IV (D-44th) had just $1,727 dollars on hand compared to his challenger, Del. Verna Jones (D-44th), who had over $47,000 on hand. That's a lot of time on the radio and a lot of mailings to be bought. Lest we mention Mitchell's complete absence from the campaigning that Baltimoreans have come to expect. Mitchell has never had a real challenge before and, now that he has one on his hands, he doesn't seem to know what to do! Verna Jones is fighting him every step of the way.

Come out, come out, wherever you are, Clarence. And bring your buddy Robert Ehrlich. Yeah, people are going to love his ideas.

Jamie Kendrick

(The writer is a campaign adviser for Verna Jones.)

Germ Warfare

Why should Baltimore readers give a damn about the self-actualizing of a D.C.-based journalist when what she has to say so obviously has nothing to do with their lives? (Germ Bag, Aug. 8) I'm a journalist who lives in a place that makes the D.C. housing market look tame by comparison, but I would never dream of inflicting my yuppie longings for real estate in my own region on a Baltimore audience, who have a perfectly amazing city of their own to love and live in and worry about.

Kim Bernstein
New York

Butler Rebuttal

As a twentysomething adult, perhaps I'm too young and not educated enough to understand why the Republican Party garnered its reputation. Hmm. Larnell Custis Butler seems to be an expert on that (The Mail, Aug. 7). Somebody once said to me that black people are like crabs. For someone to imply (if Ms. Butler did) that blacks should think alike, perhaps the person I'd spoken with was right, at least to a point. Having read a little about Clarence Thomas, and watched him on C-SPAN one night, I don't think I'd consider him "a shame and a pain to black folks." Ms. Butler simply doesn't know him to say that. And how many women, of any color, could honestly abstain from sex till after Election Day?

Medina Krause

Savior Saver

On his Web site, Ron English, the "subversive art critic," has stated that he will continue to re-create God, America, and American tradition in "his own image" (The Nose, Aug. 7). He has stated that: "if all goes well, he will die in 2042." Until then, he intends to "riot," and paint "his revelations," anywhere he pleases.

Is it a joke, when Ron English's revelation of the U.S. flag is a painting with a U.S. flag burning on a man's chest? Is it a joke when his revelation about the Statute of Liberty is, "Keep hope a lie"?

My husband and I arranged the prayer vigil on Sunday, Aug. 4. Loco Motion exhibit curator Logan Hicks is very confused about who we, Christians, prayed for. We prayed for America, for Ron English, for many people.

Mr. English has also stated that "he didn't make the . . . rules, and he isn't going to live by the . . . rules." Mr. English does not have any regard for the truth, or value of human life, the American flag, American institutions, or anything we cherish and revere.

Please do not speak for Christians and say that this is just a joke. He has blasphemed our Lord Jesus Christ, made fun of our flag, our liberties in our nation, and anyone and anything he can to exalt himself as being able to "re-create everything in his own image."

If someone used your business name and logo without permission, totally disregarding your rights, would you take that as a joke, Mr. Hicks?

He makes fun of other artists. He can't equal the artist who painted the original Lord's Supper. Further, Mr. English can't equal the artists who were the Masters of Light.

Dante stated: "Nature is God's art." Ron English perverts everything we hold holy and dear because he is arrogant enough to assume that we need his revelations to think.

Let me tell you a fact. The Word of God says that we are made from "dust of the ground." NASA research scientists have discovered that human beings are composed of dust particles. Further, the sun, moon, and stars are a mass of gaseous compounds that shrink every time the sun gives off heat (4.7 million tons per second), and every time the moon and stars give off light.

Tell me what is Ron English going to do for you, Mr. Hicks, when we don't have a sun? We have a natural body, which will never be resurrected again. However, we do have a spiritual body that no one can understand until they enter into eternity.

You don't have the right to offend our holy Lord Jesus Christ because you believe this subversive art critic is so fantastic. Tell him to make a new sun and a natural body that will live forever.

Christine Huff

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