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Best of Half of Baltimore

Posted 8/8/2001

As I was completing your Best of Baltimore poll, I was thinking how interesting it would be to see a map of the results. I bet almost none of the winners will be located in East, West, Northwest, or Southwest Baltimore. (Unless, of course, you add a category for "Best Place to Buy Drugs" or "Best Drive-by Shooting.") Too bad that we have this incredible city and only about half of it is livable. Now, on the other hand, if you held a contest for the Worst of Baltimore, these areas might have a chance at getting mentioned. Frequently, the only things "best" about these neighborhoods are the incredible residents who manage to live in this morass and hold their families together without getting sucked in. That, and the community organizations that keep plugging away at their uphill, underfunded battle.

Peggy Hoffman

Hall of Fame
As an Afrocentric feminist who speaks truth that is beyond white power, I want to acknowledge the brilliant mind of Wiley Hall III.

It is a shame that Wiley Hall does not get huge awards for his work. A nice billboard would do. I read his column "Lend Least" (Urban Rhythms, July 18) and learned a lot. I know that Wiley Hall is one smart man and I sincerely appreciate his wisdom. He makes all black people feel good about his intelligence and common sense.

With libraries closing in our black communities, I hope we will get another Wiley Hall in the future. Right now, the chances look slim.

You white folks at City Paper should let Wiley Hall know his head is not a hat rack, or a place to pat when he's done a good job.

Larnell Custis Butler

Editor's note: Time's running out on your chance to join Peggy Hoffman of Baltimore and vote in the Best of Baltimore Readers Poll. Click to the online poll to make your voice heard and get in the running for some half-decent prizes. The deadline for entry is Aug. 13.

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