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The Iron Man Goeth

Posted 7/4/2001

I have to say Wiley Hall III is 150 percent correct about Cal Ripken Jr. (Urban Rhythms, June 27). I vowed never to pay to see the Orioles at Camden Yards as long as Super Cal wore the Oriole uniform, and look forward to returning to the fold next year. What once was one of baseball's great teams and organizations, the Baltimore Orioles, has become a two-tier star system: one level for Cal, and one for everybody else. The Orioles opted to copy the Boston Red Sox (Ted Williams and Carl Yastrzemski) and as a result have not come close to winning anything. Cal's recent retirement announcement again isn't anything else but self-promotion, and as far as I'm concerned, let Tony Batista play third base the rest of the year so we can see if he has the required skills. As far as Cal is concerned, the Orioles should give him a bonus and an early retirement send-off right after the All-Star break.

James Aguirre

Yeager Meister
As a friend of Steve Yeager and a reader of City Paper, I was surprised that your editors chose to print Marie Capp's letter regarding Mike Giuliano's review of Divine and Mr. Yeager's reported comments about the play (The Mail, June 27). In fact, Ms. Capp's letter indicates that her information was second- or thirdhand; it is clear that she has no direct knowledge about what Mr. Yeager actually said or thought about the play. Giving credibility to this kind of gossip-mongering impugns the reputation of City Paper and contributes nothing to the honest debate about the merits of any given work of art.

Lynne Heneson
Washington, D.C.

Correction: In our response to Baltimore Development Corp. President M. J. Brodie's letter last week in Mail, we incorrectly stated the salary raise range for officials of BDC listed in the city's budget for Fiscal Year 2001 and proposed for FY 2002. The range of pay increases is 8 to 9.4 percent. We regret the error.

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