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The Nose

Talk to Him

Posted 1/29/2003

Not surprisingly, we at the Nose are always eager to pitch in our two cents on topics of great (and not-so-great) import. So when we were reminded by a friend last week that the White House has a comment line on which we could leave messages for President Bush, we thought it appropriate to take the opportunity to weigh in with our opinion on the pending war with Iraq. We dialed the comment line--for those so inclined to follow suit, the number is (202) 456-1111--and after a brief encounter with an automated operator, we were connected to a real, live White House employee who was more than happy to take our message. She told us that in recent weeks, an Internet rumor has been passed around that Bush has been using the comment line to "poll" the American people on their support for the Iraqi war. "That's not quite accurate," she said. She told us that the president is "extremely interested" in hearing what we, the American people, have to say about such things. But he is not conducting any kind of poll about the war. So we gave her our message for Bush, and she graciously promised to forward it along.

"We do appreciate your comment, and it will be passed directly on to President Bush," she assured us, though we have a sneaking suspicion that our comment is actually sitting on the desk of a White House lackey. "Thank you so much for your call."

So how did the Nose weigh in on the president's comment line? We'll never tell--that's between us and the POTUS.

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