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The Nose

Now That's What We Call Economic Development

Posted 6/20/2001

These are indeed lean times in Charm City, but in ogling the budget the Nose caught a whiff of headier days high up at 36 S. Charles St., home of the Baltimore Development Corp., where the top brass will be enjoying hefty raises in the coming year. M.J. "Jay" Brodie, president of the quasi-public economic-development agency, is getting a 9.4 percent raise under the mayor's proposed spending plan, hiking his annual salary to $148,000. And his rising tide is lifting the rest of the management boats: Executive Vice President Andrew Frank, Chief Financial Officer Jeffrey Pillas, and Chief Operating Officer Sharon Grinnell are all getting 8.12 percent raises, landing them in the low-$80,000 range. It must be a reward for the great job BDC is doing in generating business and employment opportunities in Baltimore, as outlined in O'Malley's budget document, which predicts an "upward trend in the unemployment rate, a possible leveling off in resident employment growth, a slowdown in the growth of jobs located in the city, and a slight upturn in the office vacancy rate." Keep up the good work, folks.

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