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Ooh, Scary!

Halloween Masks IV


She's kind, she's gentle, and she makes a lot of mistakes. She's PATRICIA JESSAMY, the city's top prosecutor. If you wear this mask, people will forgive you for almost anything, and no one will ever be scared of you--especially not felons.

Download a full-size mask


Use this police Commissioner Edward Norris mask and you'll be free to dip into your own personal supplemental fund to pay for Halloween treats. Or travel expenses when you apply for a job out of town. Or probably anything else. Plus, chicks'll dig you!

Download a full-size mask


Who knows what kind of governor lies beneath that electable exterior? Mwah-ha-ha-hah!

Download a full-size mask


Don't be confused--this mask is not scary! It's the one Robert Ehrlich wears while he's running for governor. This is the moderate Bob Ehrlich, a nonthreatening, non-right-wing Republican. For extra fun, make a copy of this mask and write moderate on one and the real bob on the other. moderate mask expires Nov. 6.

Download a full-size mask


Forget all that "Nuke Iraq" stuff. The really scary thing about Helen Delich Bentley is the fact that she just won't go away. Don this mask at the Halloween party and you may never have to leave-until they take you out in a box.

Download a full-size mask

Posted 10/30/2002

Links open bigger, pdf versions you can print and cut out. And please, use caution when cutting with sharp instruments. Don't have Adobe Acrobat? You can get it HERE.

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