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Photo Feature

How's It Goin'?

Michelle Severn

22, shampoo girl

"How's it going? That's it? I don't know how's it going. [To her boyfriend] Hey, honey, how's it going?"

Antonio Baines

32, chef

"It's going great."

Joseph Monczewski

20, line cook

"Ruthless is how the hell it's going. Lost the keys to my house twice in the last week. I'm falling apart. I'm the most unhealthy person in Baltimore, and that's a direct quote."

Carmen Stanford

26, homemaker

"It's going very well, very happy with everything."

Nathan Stanford
(Carmen Stanford's son)

3 in June, toddler

"I'm 5."

Dorothy M.

82, senior citizen

"I'm sorry. How's it going? What's going? How's it going? Pretty good. Is that it?"

Reg Howie

34, bike messenger

"It's going well."

Jimmy Nemeth

46, computer programmer

"Really well. Is that it? We just ended our season in first place."

Ann Blair

56, crossing guard

"You know what I'm going to say to that? Fantastic. What could be better?

Mike Hamm

20, warehouse worker

"I'm doing good."

Bob Hartman
(Kathy Hartman's husband)

54, material analyst

"OK. That's the question? OK."

Alexander Andrews

65, part-time public-school assistant

"It's going OK. I got a diagnosis of bone cancer. Things are looking better. The medicine is real expensive--$1,300 a month."

Joan H.

74, retired

"How's it going? Depends on what you're talking about. Some things are going good. Some things are not."

Bob Garner

54, tow-truck operator, B&B Towing

"Working hard. Children are grown. Pretty good shape. In a forward manner, not a backward manner."

Shaun Coles

28, health information associate

"Pretty good. Not bad."

Barry Nash

27, waiter

"Let me see. I want to say it in one word. 'Beautifully.' I wonder if my mother would be proud of that."

Zach Morehouse

30, unemployed framer

"Not good. Just had my finger injured at work, and I have no workmen's-comp claim because I was working after hours. Now I have no job. They fired me."

R.C. Yetter

47, musician

"Going great. Playing music. Doesn't get any better. I thought you were going to ask me about the war or something."

Linda Taylor

37, department of public works laborer

"Rough, but I know it will get better. I'm gonna do some things later. I have faith in God. He's gonna pull me through."

Jesse LeBlanc

25, unemployed since Sept. 11--formerly worked at the World Trade Center

"It's cold. I'm freezing."

Jwan Kelly

19, "Looking for a job--that's my job."

"All right, cool."

Kathy Hartman

54, registered nurse

"Ha ha. How's it going? Jeez. It could mean so many different things. Although I feel like I'm doing real well, it's still a difficult time dealing with 9-11. Seeing everything that's going on over there with the soldiers. I'm having a hard time. I'm not sure about others. I feel like I've wanted constant contact with my husband. I'm looking forward to spring to give us new hope and new life. I've never had to deal with this before. It's a very difficult time in my life. Especially seeing my children go through this. That's something I thought they'd never have to deal with. Things will never be the same."

The Rev. Frank Donio

35, priest at St. Jude Shrine

"Great. Best time of my life. I'm in a wonderful city spreading faith and hope and reaching out with God's love."

John Bidish Jr.

37, credit-department associate for auto-parts dealer

"I don't know. That's what I usually say when people ask me how's it going."

By Christopher Myers | Posted 3/20/2002

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