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Wednesday, October 20, 1999

Here's to the Winners

City Paper's Short Fiction Contest Winners

In Fiction Contest Introduction

Judging our literary contests requires strong opinions, iron stomachs, and good eyes. For this, the third year of our fiction competition and the second year of its poetry counterpart, five people proved up to the task.Joyce Brown, City Paper's poetry editor and a lecturer in the writing seminars at... [MORE]

What is Gravity?

Fiction Winners: Fiction - First Place [10/20/1999] by Adam Schwartz

Wallis Simpson at the Palomino Hotel

Fiction Winners: Fiction - Second Place [10/20/1999] by Annie Hawkins


Fiction Winners: Fiction - Third Place [10/20/1999] by Meri Robie

Rigging It

Poetry Winners: Poetry - First Place [10/20/1999] by L. Maynard

A Salad Song

Poetry Winners: Poetry - Second Place [10/20/1999] by Brenda Barrie

To Ward Off Loss

Poetry Winners: Poetry - Third Place [10/20/1999] by Shelley Puhak

Honorable Mentions

Poetry Winners: "While Chopping Red Peppers," Ingrid M. Ankerson; "The Anorexic Necklace," Jennifer Errick; "Scene From the Blue Back Porch," Elaine Fick; "Rapunzel," Stephanie Levin; "Untitled: the corner church tha [10/20/1999]

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