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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Winners

City Paperís Eighth Annual Short Fiction Contest and Seventh Annual Poetry Contest

In Fiction & Poetry Contest Intro

Any writer will tell you that the best part of writing is being done. Thatís when you know you did it. Itís behind you. The words that didnít exist before are finally on the page. No wonder writers are always so weary and irritable: Every session at the keyboard can feel like a marathon. But this w... [MORE]

The Town of McManus

Fiction Winners: Short Fiction Contest ē First Place [10/20/2004] by Stephen Peterson


Fiction Winners: Short Fiction Contest ē Second Place [10/20/2004] by Susan Lantz

In July, 2057, My Great-Granddaughter Considers an Old Photograph

Fiction Winners: Short Fiction Contest ē Third Place [10/20/2004] by Kevin Coll

The Biker Mermaids

Poetry Winners: First Place [10/20/2004] by Mark S. Sanders

Grandpa Was a Fisherman

Poetry Winners: Second Place [10/20/2004] by John Mazur

I Love You When Youíre a Real Dog

Poetry Winners: Third Place [10/20/2004] by Susan Olson

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