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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jefferson Jackson Steele

And Your Little Reindeer, Too

City Paper's 2006 Holiday Guide

In Holiday Guide Intro

Present and Accounted For

Holiday Guide Feature: City Paper's Annual Guide to Buying People Stuff [11/15/2006]

Bad Santa

Holiday Guide Feature: Tales of a Reluctant Mall Santa [11/15/2006] by Travis Dunn

Parsing the Family Newsletter

Holiday Guide Feature: A Close Reading of a Holiday Tradition [11/15/2006] by Emily Flake

Undecking the Halls

Holiday Guide Feature: Looking at the Environmental Impact of the Holiday Season [11/15/2006] by David Morley

Santa Baby

Holiday Guide Feature: Having a Baby on Christmas Eve Isn't All Tidings of Comfort and Joy [11/15/2006] by Jason Torres

Child's Play

Holiday Guide Feature: Trying to Graduate from the Kids Table Without Having Kids of Your Own [11/15/2006] by Bret McCabe


Holiday Guide Feature: The City Paper Annual Holiday Calendar [11/15/2006]

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