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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Frank Klein

The Year in News

In Top Ten

The Year in Film

Top Ten: Movies went pop this past year, if this list is any evidence to current tastes and predilections. Two outright comedies, two comic-book adaptations, an animated dystopian space odyssey, and an stero [12/10/2008]

The Year in Television

Top Ten: The year began in a writer's strike that threatened to sentence viewers to a spring season of nothing but reality piffle and endless syndication cycles of the Law and Order franchise, but 2008 soon [12/10/2008]

The Year in Music

Top Ten: Yes, the list that follows is staggeringly bent toward indie-rock. Why? It's hard to say--it could just be this was a banner year for white hipster music (and Matador Records), but we're more incl [12/10/2008]

The Year in Local Music

Top Ten: A nice mix of already heavily lauded records and sleeper gems, this year's local top 10 astounds for its breadth. There's no easy "the year of..." here. If it's the year of anything, it's the year o [12/10/2008]

The Year in Books

Top Ten: Publishers recently announced staff cuts. The book itself remains in the digital age's cross hairs as a relic. Publications in general are slashing page counts, staffs, and their own future. Septemb [12/10/2008]

The Year in Art

Top Ten: Baltimore's art community continued to grow in activity and quality in 2008, and it's increasing scope is the primary reason City Paper changed up its year-end top picks process a tad this year. So m [12/10/2008]

The Year in Stage

Top Ten: As this list attests, Center Stage had a banner year. From its spry production of an Edward Albee standby to its intimate adaptation of Stephen Sondheim, Baltimore's premiere theater company really [12/10/2008]

The Year in DVDs

Top Ten: 1. Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom (Criterion) Even in an age where you can search up footage of anything online, Salo, freshly reissued with typical care by Criterion, still carries a transgressive [12/10/2008] by Lee Gardner and Bret McCabe

The Year in Video Games

Top Ten: 1. Fallout 3 Fallout 3 is one of the biggest--if not the biggest--games ever made. It is so loaded with content and things to do that it takes months and months to be able to see everything and d [12/16/2008] by Benji Anft

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