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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Year in News

In Top Ten

The Year in Movies

Top Ten: Edith Piaf racing from room to room looking for the lover she's just been told is dead. Joy Division singer Ian Curtis strutting to the Employment Exchange--where he helps people find jobs--with the [12/12/2007]

The Year in Music

Top Ten: By the time this paper hits the stands there will be God knows how may of these lists on magazine racks, in papers, and floating in the internet ether. It feels like some publications exist mainly t [12/12/2007]

The Year in Stage

Top Ten: When theaters are as small and underfunded as Baltimore's have usually been, the easy thing is to do small-cast dramas and comedies set in contemporary or recent America or England. There's nothing [12/12/2007]

The Year in Television

Top Ten: Fuck Tony Soprano: there, we said it. Not only does David Chase's massive soap opera for the male midlife crisis not appear on this Top 10 list, but only one voting viewer put it on a ballot. You So [12/12/2007]

The Year in DVD

Top Ten: Our consumable culture doesn’t arrive only in albums, books, movies, art, theater, and TV these days. We also have to confess a possible addiction to home video, be it via Netflix delivery, the [12/12/2007]

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