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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Uli Loskot

The Year in News

In Top Ten

The Year in Quotes

Top Ten: 1 "We dress up funny, run around in the woods, and hit each other with sticks. There's something inherently a little funny about that. But how different is it from joining a softball league? You bu [12/13/2006]

The Year in Movies

Top Ten: Must 2006 be the year of Borat? Not trying to take anything away from director Larry Charles and actor/comedian Sacha Baron Cohen--both of whom deserve some kind of ribbon for playing the Borat shtick [12/13/2006]

The Year in Television

Top Ten: Three-quarters of a century into its existence, television may finally be becoming our mirror. Yes, it's forever been championed as the medium that reflects who we are, but like way too much of our gr [12/13/2006]

The Year in Music

Top Ten: A bad year for hip-hop? People kept saying that throughout the last 12 months, but you'd never know it to look at the results of our 2006 Top 10, with no less than six rap albums placing. Maybe hip-ho [12/13/2006]

The Year in Local Music

Top Ten: This was hard. A shit-ton of Baltimore bands, singers, rappers, and bang-on-some-pots-and-pans'ers released albums this year. With the advent of CD-R labels, hip-hop mixtapes, and MP3 downloads, large [12/13/2006]

The Year in Art

Top Ten: The year's past first Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays have been ridiculously event-packed. How to make it to all the openings, happenings, readings, performances, whathaveyous? And it was during jus [12/13/2006]

The Year in Stage

Top Ten: There's no denying the pleasures of maximalist theater. A large-cast, elaborate-set production such as The School for Scandal and The Cripple of Innishmaan at Everyman Theatre, or Murder of Isaac and [12/13/2006]

The Year in Books

Top Ten: David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest first appeared 10 years ago. And, apparently, the 10th anniversary of that fact is worth celebrating. A new $10 paperback edition of the novel appeared last month, [12/13/2006]

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