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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Year in News

In Top Ten

The Year in Movies

Top Ten: Fuck March of the Penguins. [12/14/2005]

The Year in Television

Top Ten: It signals that the major networks are following a cable and foreign TV lead: the season-long serial narrative [12/14/2005]

The Year in Music

Top Ten: 2005 was definitely a year of no consensus. [12/14/2005]

The Year in Local Music

Top Ten: From club music to indie rock to the fact that by year’s end it seemed like damn near every rapper in the city was signed, this was a banner year for Baltimore music... [12/14/2005]

The Year in Books

Top Ten: The you-know-what over in you-know-where continues to dominate American publishing… [12/14/2005]

The Year in Art

Top Ten: Only time can tell if 2005 is the year that Baltimore’s local art climate started to turn for the better. [12/14/2005]

The Year on Stage

Top Ten: Lack of talent is never going to sink Baltimore theater, but lack of space is a problem. [12/14/2005]

Our Top 40

Top Ten: City Paper Offers 40 Ideas From 2005 for Your iPod [12/14/2005]

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