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Wednesday, December 19, 2001

The Year in Film

In Top Ten

The Year in Music

Top Ten: A quick backward glance over 2001 seems to reveal that pop music has run out of readily available... [12/19/2001] by Lee Gardner, Rjyan Kidwell, Michaelangelo Matos, Bret McCabe, Daniel Piotrowski and Shelly Ridenour

The Year in Local Music

Top Ten: As a music bloke who's dashed off copy in a handful of cities, I can tell you from experience that... [12/19/2001] by Anna Ditkoff and Bret McCabe

The Year in Television

Top Ten: 1Sept. 11 attack coverage (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and Fox News Channel) Watching the second plane... [12/19/2001] by Adele Marley

The Year in Books

Top Ten: As consumer goods, books make us behave strangely. [12/19/2001] by Frank Diller, Mahinder Kingra, Eileen Murphy, Lily Thayer and Rupert Wondolowski

The Year on Stage

Top Ten: 1Passion, Fells Point Corner Theatre It was startlingly ambitious of the FPCT to mount this 1994... [12/19/2001] by Anna Ditkoff, Mike Giuliano and Jack Purdy

The Year in Art

Top Ten: 1Walters Art Museum reopens Though this annual superlatives space is usually devoted strictly to... [12/19/2001] by Mike Giuliano

The Unabridged List

Top Ten: City Paper Critics' Personal Bests [12/19/2001]

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