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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

And the winners are...

City Paper's 11th annual Fiction and 10th annual Poetry Contest

In Introduction

An Airline Ticket to Romantic Places

Fiction Winners: First Place [12/2/2009] by David Iaconangelo

What Was Janie Looking At?

Fiction Winners: Second Place [12/2/2009] by Rachel Monroe

Female Problems

Fiction Winners: Third Place [12/2/2009] by Shannon Dunn

The Cockerel (On the shores of the Chesapeake Bay--1960)

Poetry Winners: First Place [12/2/2009] by E.C. Vojik


Poetry Winners: Second Place [12/2/2009] by Lauren M. Campbell

Multitasking (For Mike Brenner)

Poetry Winners: Third Place [12/2/2009] by Dyane Fancey

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