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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Sam Holden

The City Paper Diet™

In Eat Feature

The Halogen Diet

Eat Feature: The proponents of this popular eating regimen claim that they never overindulge when dining at these hyperdesigned, luxe restaurants, because either the tapas-style portions are so, well, dainty, or t [2/26/2003]

The Duchess of Windsor Diet

Eat Feature: The saying "no woman can be too rich or too thin" is most often attributed to Baltimore homegirl Wallis Warfield Simpson, who, the evidence shows, was fabulously rich and decidedly thin. We pretty muc [2/26/2003]

The Summer of Love Diet

Eat Feature: We're not talking about subsisting purely on love, peace, and sheer grooviness, man. The Summer of Love diet involves eating the foods you consumed back during the summer of '67, thereby magically ret [2/26/2003]

The Bernie Carbo Diet

Eat Feature: Remember 1994? That was when we were told it is OK to eat carbohydrates, any kind of carbs, in whatever quantities we liked, even if it was a pound of pasta, as long as we didn't so much as whisper th [2/26/2003]

The Buffy the Calorie Slayer Diet

Eat Feature: The premise of this eating plan is simple: Never ever eat when the sun is up. Do all of your dining at night, or very early in the morning, and then, during the day, you either sleep (our choice) or s [2/26/2003]

The Restaurant Risk Diet

Eat Feature: North America: Alaska, Northwest Territory, Greenland, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Western United States, Eastern United States, Central America [2/26/2003]

The Bachelorette's Rules Diet

Eat Feature: If you only ever eat out on first dates, you'll naturally eat less, our experts say. However, if you make it to the second date, it's a good idea to let him see that you're not an overly picky eater. [2/26/2003]

The Mr. Rogers Diet

Eat Feature: The worthy philosophy behind this diet is that Sharing Is Good. If you have less, others will have more--and therefore you'll eat less, there will be less of you, and that, too, is Good. Thus, propone [2/26/2003]

The Diminishing Returns Diet

Eat Feature: This school of dietary thought rests on the following foundation: That people who are presented with a groaning board of food choices--healthy, horrific, and all nutritional points in between--may fir [2/26/2003]

The Edwin Mulitalo/Jonathan Ogden Diet

Eat Feature: Much to their quarterbacks' eternal gratitude, the Baltimore Ravens have one of the largest offensive lines in the NFL: the skinniest first-string player, Ethan Brooks, goes a dainty 297. The hefty he [2/26/2003]

The Betamax Diet

Eat Feature: So you've tried the shakes and the pills, you've carbo-loaded and carbo-lessed, you've turned your dinner plate into a mathematical problem in which X equals thin. Now you're thinking maybe, just mayb [2/26/2003]

The "I'll Have a Lite Beer 'Cause I'm Watching my Weight" Diet

Eat Feature: It never fails: Hang around a bar long enough and you'll see someone (frequently, but not universally, a female someone) give some variation on the following order: "I'll have the jalapeño popper [2/26/2003]

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