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Wednesday, February 28, 2001

Sam Holden

Who Let the Chefs Out?

Where Baltimore's Restaurateurs Go When They Go Out to Eat

In Eat Feature

Who Let the Chefs Out: The Poll

Eat Feature: Notes on scoring: Restaurants were awarded points based on where they placed in respondents' surveys--five points for first, four for second, etc. In case of ties, order was determined first by number [2/28/2001]

Who Let the Chefs Out: The Unabridged List

Eat Feature: "All the Employees"Tyson Place1) Nacho Mama's2) Rusty Scupper3) Hilltop Carryout4) Yung's5) PhillipsBarbara BahlManager, Hollywood Diner1) Polo Grill2) Phillips3) Rusty Scupper4) Williamsburg Inn5) Bo [2/28/2001]

My Favorite Things

Eat Feature: A Professional Eater Picks Her Restaurants of Renown [2/28/2001] by Susan Fradkin

Old World

Eat Feature: Remembering the Glory Days of Deli on Corned Beef Row [2/28/2001] by David Jackowe

American McHistory

Eat Feature: Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation Is About More Than Just Burgers and Fries [2/28/2001] by Kathryn Eastburn

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