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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Jefferson Jackson Steele

Hunger Pains

City Paperís Annual Dining Guide

In Introduction

Park and Pay

Special Issue Eat: This is not a valet town. Folks will valet their cars if itís free and some restaurants offer the service, especially in neighborhoods like Little Italy and Fells Point where spots are at a premium. [3/7/2007] by Richard Gorelick


Special Issue Eat: Ban Thai 340 N. Charles St., (410) 727-7971,, $$ Why We Go: Fresh seafood prepared in a piquant and lively Thai style; absolutely essential for a pre-An die Musik concert dinner. Wha [3/7/2007]


Special Issue Eat: b, a Bolton Hill Bistro 1501 Bolton St., (410) 383-8600, $$ Why We Go: It might be the chalkboard scrawled with the changing list of specials, Eurostyle, or the neighborhood's big Victorian townhous [3/7/2007]


Special Issue Eat: Chinatown Cafe 323 Park Ave., (410) 727-5599, $-$$ Why We Go: It's Chinatown, Jack, the only one we've got. What We Eat: Dim sum, a myriad of dumplings and buns surrounding stuff like pork, tofu, s [3/7/2007]


Special Issue Eat: Cafè Hon 9002 W. 36th. St., (410) 243-1230,, $-$$ Why We Go: Eating a turkey club in the wood-paneled cozy bar with a tasty draft beats waiting for a seat at Golden West. What [3/7/2007]

Charles Village Area

Special Issue Eat: Charles Village Pub A107 St. Paul St., (410) 243-1611,, $ Why We Go: Burgers and Charles Village carry-out on Sunday is like an acid flashback to our coed days of yore. W [3/7/2007]

North and Northeast

Special Issue Eat: Atwater's/Ploughboy Soups Belvedere Square Market, 529 E. Belvedere Ave., (410) 323-2396,, $ Why We Go: Meticulously selected local ingredients and superior fresh-baked breads; a s [3/7/2007]

East and Southeast

Special Issue Eat: Birches 641 S. Montford Ave., (410) 732-3000,, $$ Why We Go: Anyone can make a meat loaf and call it comfort food. We like how seriously Birches takes comfort food. We love [3/7/2007]

Fells Point Area

Special Issue Eat: Arcos 129 S. Broadway, (410) 522-4777,, $$ Why We Go: Totally addictive Mexican dishes and unbelievably gorgeous handcrafted dining rooms and patio area. Think brick pavers, [3/7/2007]


Special Issue Eat: The Bicycle 1444 Light St., (410) 234-1900,, $$$ Why We Go: It feels like we're in a real grown-up city here, and although we actually do like the commotion inside, we fight fo [3/7/2007]

Outside the City

Special Issue Eat: Andy Nelson's Barbecue 11007 York Road, Cockeysville, (410) 527-1226,, $-$$ Why We Go: Are you kidding? There is no better barbeque in the Baltimore area. In fact, this county [3/7/2007]

Deep Dish

Special Issue Eat: Running a restaurant dining room on a busy evening is far more complicated than it may appear to a casual diner. The entire staff has to be a well-oiled machine, completing individual tasks for a co [3/7/2007] by Jason Torres

Kidís Meals

Special Issue Eat: Walking into the kitchen of the Brass Elephant, Mount Vernonís romantic and historic fine-dining restaurant, and being greeted by Chris Lewis can be a bit bewildering. From his short thin frame to t [3/7/2007] by Jason Torres

Being Here

Special Issue Eat: ďHold on,Ē Vince Fava says, breaking off his sentence and excusing himself. An unseen phone begins its second ring in the background. ďLet me get the phone.Ē And with that the 43-year-old Fava di [3/7/2007] by Bret McCabe

Old Dog, New Tricks

Special Issue Eat: Hampden isnít exactly known for its fine dining. Itís more of a quirky eatery kind of place, where the Golden West Cafť and Holy Frijoles! reign supreme. Now Galen Sampson, former executive chef at [3/7/2007] by Anna Ditkoff

Smoke íEm If Youíve Got íEm

Special Issue Eat: Ask most Americans about their first food memories, and they probably conjure up peanut butter or maybe bologna and cheese. For Stuttgart, Germany, native Barbara Lahnstein, itís the tang of smoked [3/7/2007] by Lee Gardner

Talking Dry

Special Issue Eat: Rob Wecker doesnít look like a wine aficionado. Instead of decking himself out in finely tailored suits and a look of disdain, Wecker sports a sweatshirt, jeans, and the easy good-olí-boy look of a [3/7/2007] by Anna Ditkoff

Bread And Hot Cheese

Special Issue Eat: Baltimore doesnít yet have a real pupuseria, though thereís rumor of a truck somewhere along Eastern Boulevard. What the city has more and more of are great pupusas sold both in Salvadoran restauran [3/7/2007] by Richard Gorelick

Sweet Meats

Special Issue Eat: Part front parlor, part community meeting house, Big Jimís Deli (1065 S. Charles St., [410] 752-2434) in the Cross Street Market long ago transcended its role as sandwich counter and delicatessen. Lif [3/7/2007] by Richard Gorelick

Tastes Like Chicken

Special Issue Eat: At his self-named Fells Point bistro, Timothy Dean applies the haute-cuisine techniques he first learned from the legendary Jean-Louis Palladin to bistro fare. Diners have responded, and the restaur [3/7/2007] by Richard Gorelick

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