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Wednesday, May 20, 1998

Jeffeson Jackson Steele

Sizzlin Summer

City Paper's Summer Guide

In Sizzlin Intro

Moons Over San Diego

Feature Story: Butts Aplenty, Wankers in the Rocks, and My Literary Hero in His Birthday Suit [5/20/1998] by Suz Redfearn

The Great In-Between

Feature Story: Finding Sustenance Between Home and the Ocean [5/20/1998] by Geoff Pevner

Coming in Hot, Hot, Hot

Feature Story: Baltimore's Reggae Community Makes Summer Come Alive [5/20/1998] by Natalie Davis

Pie in the Sky

Feature Story: A March Up Maryland's Highest Peak [5/20/1998] by Brennen Jensen

Basic Instinct

Feature Story: How I Found Out Whether My Shepherd Can Sheep-Herd [5/20/1998] by Molly Rath

Summer Campy

Feature Story: Hot Stuff for the Hot Season [5/20/1998] by Larry Nichols

Big Birds

Feature Story: Checking Out the Emu Trade in Baltimore County [5/20/1998] by Eileen Murphy

Major League Too

Feature Story: Boys of Winter Try to Recapture Their Summer [5/20/1998] by Ronald Hube

Auction Powers

Feature Story: There's Nothing Like Buying From a Fast-Talking Man [5/20/1998] by Heather Joslyn

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