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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Master Documents

The Unprocessed Words of the 2003 Fiction and Poetry Contest Winners

In Fiction & Poetry Contest Intro

This one goes out to everybody whose closest brush with getting published came from clicking "Print." In these days of self-publishing, desktop editions, and print-on-demand, just about anyone can say they're published. But there's something--and something very important--about having other people ... [MORE]

Boris Spassky's Last Gambit

Fiction Winners: Fiction - First Place [7/2/2003] by Damian L. Halstad

Maryland Functional Writing Test

Fiction Winners: Fiction - Second Place [7/2/2003] by Martha Shane


Fiction Winners: Fiction - Third Place [7/2/2003] by Betsy Boyd


Poetry Winners: Poetry - First Place [7/2/2003] by Leslie Thierman

A Promise

Poetry Winners: Poetry - Second Place [7/2/2003] by Cary Fentzloff

Empty the Chamber

Poetry Winners: Poetry - Third Place [7/2/2003] by Dean John Smith

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