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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Alex Fine

Baltimore is Blowing Up

City Paper's 2005 Big Music Issue

In Introduction

Home Bass

Big Music Feature: Michael Formanek’s One-Man Jazz Revival [7/20/2005] by Geoffrey Himes

Split Revel

Big Music Feature: Lea Gilmore Fuses the Blues Agony and Ecstasy [7/20/2005] by Robbie Whelan

Sixteen to Life

Big Music Feature: Teenage MC Ammo Sets His Sights [7/20/2005] by Jason Torres

These Restless Minds

Big Music Feature: Rjyan Kidwell Molts Into His Latest Musical Skin [7/20/2005] by Tom Breihan

Margin Walkers

Big Music Feature: If Baltimore Isn’t a “Music Town,” Well, Why Not? [7/20/2005] by Seb Roberts

Big Music Mix Thing

Big Music Feature: Our Very First, Maybe Annual, and Quite Official City Paper Downloadable Mix Of Local Music [7/20/2005]

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