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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Big Music Issue

In Big Music Feature

Big in Japan

Big Music Feature: Hate if you want, but Amotion, the petite white girl from Boston, is putting B’More rap on the map—across the Pacific [7/21/2004] by Jason Torres

Lady’s Choice

Big Music Feature: From Douglass High to “club&b” to debut soul splash, Paula Campbell makes her own way [7/21/2004] by Jaye Hunnie

Sax and the City

Big Music Feature: From Mickey Fields to Antonio Hart, Baltimore’s saxophonists straddle north and south, the profane and the sacred [7/21/2004] by Geoffrey Himes

Moments in Time

Big Music Feature: His new compilation project—hundreds of hours of pure, unrehearsed recordings—might be the only proof that Shelly Blake really exists [7/21/2004] by Bret McCabe

Oddfellows Local

Big Music Feature: Don’t call it a scene—some Baltimore indie rockers just want to sing rather than scream [7/21/2004] by Tom Breihan

Prime Scene Investigation

Big Music Feature: One week in Baltimore’s fast and cool, hot or not nightlife [7/21/2004] by Melissa Flanzraich

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