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Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Words' Worth

Presenting the Winners of City Paper's Short Fiction and Poetry Contest

In Fiction & Poetry Contest Intro

People may not read anymore, but they sure do write. Reams. And when the call went out for fiction and poetry for CP's annual writing contest, Marylanders responded with more than 120 short stories and some 200 poems. After an arduous judging process--the copying, collating, and stapling alone nearl... [MORE]

The Pious Enigma

Fiction Winners: Fiction - First Place [7/3/2002] by Leslie F. Miller

A Late Breakfast

Fiction Winners: Fiction - Second Place [7/3/2002] by Scott Cech


Fiction Winners: Fiction - Third Place [7/3/2002] by Sarah Y. Durning

The Well

Poetry Winners: Poetry - First Place [7/3/2002] by Tuan Harap Ditulis


Poetry Winners: Poetry - Second Place [7/3/2002] by Sarah N. Coursey

The Dazzle of Beads

Poetry Winners: Poetry - Third Place [7/3/2002] by Sandra Evans Falconer

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