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Wednesday, September 20, 2000

In Praise of the Short Story

In Imprints Introduction

If we had any sense...Americans would love short stories. We all complain about being short on time. We prefer our TV shows in half-hour segments. We favor french fries over the whole potato. So why do we line up to buy full-length novels whenever the new John Grisham or Danielle Steel hits the shel... [MORE]

Word Processing

Imprints Literary Supplement: Clicking on the Web's Short-Fiction Offerings [9/20/2000] by Lily Thayer

Whistling Dixie

Imprints Literary Supplement: Short Stories Built Southern Fiction, but All That's Left Now Is Redneck Lit [9/20/2000] by John Sewell

Pulp Fiction

Imprints Literary Supplement: Why Short Stories Thrive Among Crime, Horror, and Sci-Fi Fans [9/20/2000] by Mahinder Kingra

Small Things in Big Packages

Imprints Literary Supplement: Three of the Best Recent Genre Collections [9/20/2000]

A Short History of a Large Place

Imprints Literary Supplement: Baltimore's Mini-Lit Milestones [9/20/2000] by Michael Anft

The Short List

Imprints Literary Supplement: Our Choices for the Best Short Stories . . . Ever [9/20/2000] by Eileen Murphy

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