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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


City Paper's Big Books Issue 2008

In Big Books Feature

When Books Could Change Your Life

Big Books Feature: Why What We Pore Over At 12 May Be The Most Important Reading We Ever Do [9/24/2008] by Tim Kreider

The Invisibles

Big Books Feature: Young Adult Fiction Has Yet to Hear The Voices of Young, Urban, and Black Readers [9/24/2008] by Michael Corbin

The Big Questions

Big Books Feature: Science Fiction and Young Adult Fiction Share Themes and, Hopefully, Readers [9/24/2008] by Adrienne Martini

See Spot Rejected

Big Books Feature: Some Helpful Don'ts For Cracking Into Children's Publishing [9/24/2008] by Brian Sendelbach

Teen Screams

Big Books Feature: Dark Young Adult Fiction Captures Rudderless Horrors of Contemporary Adolescence [9/24/2008] by Ian Grey

Little Golden Books

Big Books Feature: It's difficult to imagine an American childhood without Little Golden Books--you know, the ubiquitous cardboard-covered children's books with the distinctive gold patterned spine. Some of our culture [9/24/2008] by Michelle Gienow

Maurice Sendak

Big Books Feature: Somehow I had always assumed that Maurice Sendak was French. Even as a child, I found Where the Wild Things Are so strange and so different from the cheery colors and elementary narratives of most bo [9/24/2008] by Lee Gardner

Nausicaa of The Valley of Wind

Big Books Feature: In 2008, Spirited Away director Hayao Miyazaki probably needs little in the way of an introduction, but casual fans of his animated features may not know that Miyazaki is also responsible for a manga [9/24/2008] by Jess Harvell

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