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Wednesday, September 27, 2000

Here's to the Winners

The Gold, Silver, and Bronze in City Paper's Fiction and Poetry Contests

In Fiction Contest Introduction

Forget the Olympics--judging a literary contest is the true test of strength, endurance, and speed. You must be able to carry home pounds and pounds of five-page stories and handle the intellectual weight of a 12-line poem. You must be willing able to sit for hours on end in search of a winner. And ... [MORE]


Fiction Winners: Fiction - First Place [9/27/2000] by Lisa Stachura

Stones in the Stomach

Fiction Winners: Fiction - Second Place [9/27/2000] by Shelley Puhak

Far Side of the Lake

Fiction Winners: Fiction - Third Place [9/27/2000] by John Stinson

The Losing of Art

Poetry Winners: Poetry - First Place [9/27/2000] by Geoffrey Wikel

Eating Strawberries in the Dark

Poetry Winners: Poetry - Second Place [9/27/2000] by Kathleen Hellen


Poetry Winners: Poetry - Third Place [9/27/2000] by Laurel Mastnjak

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