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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Alex Fine

Gimme Gimme This Gimme Gimme That

City Paperís Annual Holiday Guide

In Holiday Guide Intro

Giving the Gift of Gifts

Holiday Guide Feature: The City Paper Staff's Suggestions for How to Buy Your Family's Love this Year [11/17/2004]

Calling All Angels

Holiday Guide Feature: How You Can Help Local Organizations With The Gift Of Your Holiday Dollars [11/17/2004] by Edward Ericson Jr.

How Much Is That Pony in the Window?

Holiday Guide Feature: A Look At The Financial And Emotional Costs Of Getting Your Kid A Pony For Christmas [11/17/2004] by Gadi Dechter

Wish List

Holiday Guide Feature: Local Moms Make Holiday Wishes For Their Children [11/17/2004] by Christina Royster-Hemby

Ho-Ho-Home For the Holidays

Holiday Guide Feature: by Emily Flake

Some Like It Hot

Holiday Guide Feature: Hereís How Explains How to Fire up Hot Holiday Drinks [11/17/2004] by Van Smith

City Paperís 2004 Holiday Guide

Holiday Guide Feature: We are so psyched for a break from the usual routine, from the 9 to 5, from,well, work. And that's what this time of year means, with all of its feasts, celebrations, and entertainments. In preparat [11/17/2004]

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