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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Frank Klein

Home Sweet, Tasty Home

In Eat Feature

Feeding Like a Family

Eat Feature: Often Tense, Usually Tasty, and Never Seen by Outsiders, the Staff Meal for Many Restaurant Workers is Like Home Away from Home [2/25/2004] by Richard Gorelick

Eggs and Bacon, Please, With Eggs

Eat Feature: Acquiring a Taste for the Chesapeake's Answer to Caviar [2/25/2004] by Van Smith

Chicken Box Blues

Eat Feature: When You Leave Baltimore, You Find Yourself Missing the Little Wings [2/25/2004] by Vincent Williams

Homely but Homey

Eat Feature: When it Comes to Authentic Bread Pudding, the Proof is in the Well, You Know [2/25/2004] by Michelle Gienow

The 7 Percent Solution

Eat Feature: In Post-Boh Baltimore, Resurrection Ale Rises to the Occasion [2/25/2004] by Richard Gorelick

Special Issue Eat Guide

Eat Feature: A Tour of Some of the Homiest--and Best--Baltimore Restaurants [2/25/2004]

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