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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sam Holden

Stuff It

City Paper’s Annual Guide to Filling Your Face

In Introduction

Get Stuffed

Eat Feature: The Restaurants A-Z [3/2/2005]

Restaurants With Live Music or DJs Where That's a Good Thing

Eat Feature: We thought about making a category for places not to go with live music or DJs. So many restaurants get plain old recorded music wrong. They'll neglect to calibrate the sound to accommodate different- [3/2/2005] by Richard Gorelick

Restaurants to Go to On a Date When You're Hoping It'll End in Drunken Groping

Eat Feature: There are a handful of restaurants which understand that the key to a good date is to not give your partner any chance of escaping you. The drive from the restaurant to the bar for drinks is your most [3/2/2005] by Rebecca Alvania

Restaurants to Hit When Someone Else Is Picking Up the Tab

Eat Feature: Baltimore has a ton of affordable dining options, but sometimes we all want a totally pampering culinary experience. The problem is that the average Baltimore City budget can't usually drop $100 or mo [3/2/2005] by Anna Ditkoff

Restaurants to Take Out-of-Towners to When They Start Screaming for Crab

Eat Feature: No matter how much you try to avoid it, sooner or later the inevitable is going to happen. You will have visitors come to stay with you, and those visitors will demand crab cakes. The important thing [3/2/2005] by Rebecca Alvania

Restaurants Where You Can Check Your E-mail While You Eat

Eat Feature: When the city announced in 2003 that the Inner Harbor was going wireless, there was an awful lot of excitement about how this kind of commitment to technology would thrust Baltimore into the 21st cent [3/2/2005] by Rebecca Alvania

Places to Get a Slice of Pizza

Eat Feature: If you're like us, sometimes you're plowing through your daily 483 things to do when you realize that neither another 200mg of aspirin nor another coffee is going to abate that throbbing thud taking p [3/2/2005] by Bret McCabe

Restaurants Where You Can Grab Food for a Sofa Picnic

Eat Feature: Ever hungry for restaurant-quality food but just don't frigging feel like sitting in a restaurant to eat it? Carry-out options (pizza, subs, Chinese, fast food) are generally dismal instead of delicio [3/2/2005] by Michelle Gienow

Restaurants to B-More Meatless

Eat Feature: Despite the much-lamented passing of the Pimlico vegan soul food express Hook-Up Rastarant, Baltimore's vegetarian community has never had so many choices where it can gorge. Two proven winners--Charl [3/2/2005] by Eric Allen Hatch

Restaurant Women's Rooms Reviews as Told to Me by My Girlfriend

Eat Feature: I'm in love with a woman for whom the term “high maintenance” barely approximates how demanding she can be. (Sorry, guys: She's mine.) She's also got a bladder the size of a dried green split pea. As [3/2/2005] by Bret McCabe

Restaurants With Creamy Dips You Can Order at the Bar

Eat Feature: Sometimes you don't want a meal, but you want more than a snack. Sometimes you feel like getting out of the house, but you don't feel like changing out of weekend comfy clothes or dealing with the gen [3/2/2005] by Bret McCabe

Restaurants He'll Take You to Before He Stops Taking You to Restaurants

Eat Feature: The beginning of a relationship is a restaurant wonderland. It seems like every night you're going to a different place to eat, having romantic little dinners for two all over town and traveling the w [3/2/2005] by Anna Ditkoff

Restaurants Where You Don't Have to Finish Your Meal to Get Dessert

Eat Feature: The continuing absence from our culinary landscape of a top-flight dessert restaurant is mystifying. This is the place where everybody would go after the movies, after dinner at other places with crum [3/2/2005] by Richard Gorelick

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