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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Frank Klein

All You Can Eat

City Paper's Annual Dining Guide

In Special Issue Eat

From Cindy Wolf to Big Bad Wolf

Special Issue Eat: Scott Smith Goes From Fine Dining to Fire Pit [3/5/2008] by Robbie Whelan

Hometown Boy

Special Issue Eat: Chef Ed Bloom Cooks Maryland- and Mama-Inspired Cajun Dishes [3/5/2008] by Robbie Whelan

Practical Magic

Special Issue Eat: Skai Davis Is Idealistic About Food and Realistic About Business [3/5/2008] by Robbie Whelan

Nouveau Fish

Special Issue Eat: At Minato, Alex Tran Mixes Modern and Traditional Influences [3/5/2008] by Robbie Whelan

A Half-Empty Glass

Special Issue Eat: A Local Culinary Legend Remembers The Bad Times [3/5/2008] by Robbie Whelan

East Meets West

Special Issue Eat: An Indian Restaurant Thrives in Little Italy [3/5/2008] by Robbie Whelan

Fork and Pen

Special Issue Eat: Canton Chef Marries Love of Food and Words [3/5/2008] by Robbie Whelan


Special Issue Eat: A Mother and Son Battle Over The Ingredients For An Ideal Restaurant [3/5/2008] by Robbie Whelan

The Wanderer

Special Issue Eat: Epicure and Culinary School Dropout David Sherman Learns by Doing [3/5/2008] by Robbie Whelan

County Fare

Special Issue Eat: Christopher Daniel Tries With Varying Success to Bring Adventurous Food to Timid Diners [3/5/2008] by Robbie Whelan

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