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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Why Do We Go to the Movies?

An Introduction...Plus a Chance to Win Tickets

In Introduction

What To See, Where and When

Frenzy Schedule: Individual tickets for regular festival screenings and events cost $10 ($8 for seniors and students with valid ID), except for certain select screenings, which are $15, [5/4/2005]

Coming Attractions

Frenzy Reviews: Our Comprehensive Guide to the Maryland Film Festival 2005 [5/4/2005]

Quite Contrary

Frenzy Feature: Todd Solondz Isnít Sick, Heís Sad [5/4/2005] by Eric Allen Hatch

Back From Baraka

Frenzy Feature: A Kenyan School For At-Risk Baltimore Boys Holds Promise For Some, A Mere Respite From the Streets For Others [5/4/2005] by Nicole Leistikow

Mind Candy

Frenzy Feature: Lee Boot Discovers the Source of Happiness and the Meaning of Life [5/4/2005] by Blake de Pastino

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