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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sam Holden

Something Old, Something New

City Paperís Third Annual Queer Issue

In Introduction

The Sanctity of Queer

Feature: Marriages, Mortgages, KidsóRemember When Being Queer Wasnít About Becoming Like Everybody Else? [6/14/2006] by Rahne Alexander

Straddling The Fence

Feature: Politicians Try To Court The Gay Vote Without Losing Anyone Elseís [6/14/2006] by Edward Ericson Jr.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Feature: After Struggling to Create Unions, Same-Sex Couples Must Fight Just as Hard to Dissolve Them [6/14/2006] by Auriane de Rudder

The Baltimore Queer Quiz

Comics Feature: Test Your Local Gay Trivia Knowledge [6/14/2006] by Tom Chalkley

Clique and Drag

Feature: Mr. And Miss Gay Maryland Discuss The Local Drag Scene [6/14/2006] by Jess Harvell

Pride Guide

Feature: Your Guide To Pride 2006 [6/14/2006] by John Farley and Wendy Ward

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