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Wednesday, June 27, 2001

Smell of Steve Inc.

Judgment Day

City Paper's Fiction and Poetry Contest Winners

In Fiction & Poetry Contest Intro

Little Eggs, Little Bacon

Fiction Winners: Fiction - First Place [6/27/2001] by Susan Lantz

Night Caller

Fiction Winners: Fiction - Second Place [6/27/2001] by Keith A. Berry

Blue #26

Fiction Winners: Fiction - Third Place [6/27/2001] by Seth Hurwitz

Shards of Love

Poetry Winners: Poetry - First Place [6/27/2001] by Rebecca Motil

Midnight Poem(s), or The ABCs of Writer's Block

Poetry Winners: Poetry - Second Place [6/27/2001] by Michael Levinton

Hae Jung

Poetry Winners: Poetry - Third Place [6/27/2001] by Soo Young Lee

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