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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sam Holden

Big Music Issue 2010

In Big Music Feature

Might Don't Make It

Big Music Feature: Baltimore hip-hop may never go mainstream--is it up to its iconoclasts to carry the torch if it doesn't? [7/14/2010] by Al Shipley

Brand of Outsiders

Big Music Feature: Boutique labels reinvent the artist-label relationship [7/14/2010] by Michael Byrne


Big Music Feature: An incomplete guide to Baltimore imprints [7/14/2010] by Michael Byrne

Drinking Songs

Big Music Feature: Patuxent Records keeps barroom bluegrass alive in Maryland [7/14/2010] by Geoffrey Himes

Blaster Master

Big Music Feature: Landis Expandis can't live without his radios [7/14/2010] by Lee Gardner

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