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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kevin Sherry

Fringes and Foundations

Beyond the Froth in Baltimore's Music Scene

In Big Music Feature

Bachata at the Fringe

Big Music Feature: Two Years Ago, Baltimore Lost Its Biggest Booster of Latin Music--So Where Does The Hispanic Community Go For Ritmo? [7/16/2008] by Robbie Whelan

Last Night's Parties

Big Music Feature: Three Figures of Baltimore's After-Hours Life Offer Their Memories of Dancing Till Dawn [7/16/2008] by Michael Byrne

No Static At All

Big Music Feature: Baltimore Finally Gets Some Urban Radio Alternatives Beyond The Fm Dial [7/16/2008] by Al Shipley

Tale of Two Cities

Big Music Feature: Washington's Inability to Sustain DIY Culture Highlights Baltimore's Greatest Strength [7/16/2008] by Raven Baker

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