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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Frank Hamilton

B-More Hip-Hop Don't Stop

The 2006 Big Music Issue

In Introduction

The Come-Up

Big Music Feature: Baltimore Hip-Hop Waits Anxiously For Its Big Moment [7/19/2006] by Jason Torres

Baltimore Hip-Hop Trading Cards

Big Music Feature: Whether you're a longtime head or brand new to the game, Baltimore hip-hop can be a confusing scene. Get yourself up to speed with City Paper's official Baltimore Hip-Hop Trading Cards™®©, and then sw [7/19/2006] by Al Shipley, Jason Torres and Jess Harvell; Illustrations by Alex Fine

The Best Of Both Worlds

Big Music Feature: Baltimore Hip-Hop Finally Has A Sound Of Its Own-Just Don't Call It "Club-Hop" [7/19/2006] by Al Shipley

Spitting Game

Big Music Feature: A Small But Vocal Local Scene Looks To Revive The Ancient Art Of Beatboxing [7/19/2006] by J. Bowers

Stream of Consciousness

Big Music Feature: Looking For The Hip-Hop You Won't See On TV? Try The Breakdown [7/19/2006] by Jess Harvell

Turning The Tables

Big Music Feature: DJ Spontaneous Goes From West Side To Morning Drive [7/19/2006] by Jaye Hunnie

Big Music Thing v2.0

Big Music Feature: Our Second Annual Downloadable Mixtape Of Local Music [7/19/2006]

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