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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The City That Writes

In Big Books Intro

Hey, remember writers? The people who, like, create books? They’re still around in full effect, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that from what you see on the streets and in the papers these days. If Sunday book reviews and table displays at your local corporate bookstore are any indication, all pe... [MORE]


Big Books Feature: Once an Anonymous Internet Sex Writer, Now the Diva of Erotica, Zane Has Erected Her Own Hot Publishing Empire [9/15/2004] by Anna Ditkoff

Transition Words

Big Books Feature: For Author Maud Casey, Moving to Baltimore Has Led to Writer’s Block, Obsession, and Her Most Ambitious Book Yet [9/15/2004] by J. Bowers

Making History

Big Books Feature: After 15 Years, Madison Smartt Bell Brings His Benchmark Haitian Trilogy to a Close [9/15/2004] by John Barry

What're You Reading?

Photofeature: On the Street with the City's Reading Habits [9/15/2004] by Wendy Ward

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