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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Okan Arabacioglu

Big Books 2007

In Modest Praise Of The Roads Not Taken

In Big Books Intro

The Frightener

Big Books Feature: William Sloane's Two Novels Cut Right Through Genre And Burrow Into a Dark, Uncanny Unknown [9/26/2007] by Tim Kreider

The Old Familiar Sting

Big Books Feature: Sex, Death, Pain, And Laughs--Anwar Accawi's Memoir Knows They're All Interrelated [9/26/2007] by Heather Harris

Where the Truth Lies

Big Books Feature: Bruce Brooks' The Moves Make The Man Dares To Take Young Adult Fiction Into The Vagaries Of Young Adult Life [9/26/2007] by Violet LeVoit

Sexing Up Colonialism

Big Books Intro: Tayeb Salih's Novel Plows A Different Organ Into Darkness' Heart [9/26/2007] by Zak M. Salih

Waiting to Prevail

Big Books Feature: Her Last Name Begins With An M, But Please Don't Call Her McMillan [9/26/2007] by Felicia Pride

Younge American

Big Books Feature: The Best Black Intellectual Criticism These Days Comes From A Young Brit Of Barbadian Descent [9/26/2007] by R. Darryl Foxworth

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