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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mel Guapo

In Praise of Indecency

Smut--Still Dirty After All These Years

In Big Books Intro

The Trail-Blazer

Big Books Intro: Barney Rosset's Grove Press Paved the Way for Literate, Intelligent, Risk-Taking Book Publishing [9/27/2006] by Byron Coley

The Reigning Queen

Big Books Feature: Editor Dian Hanson Navigates the Fine Line Separating Art from Pornography [9/27/2006] by Bob Massey

The New World

Big Books Feature: Finding Your Own Personal Way Amid the Greatest Porn-Delivery System Ever Invented [9/27/2006] by Rahne Alexander

The Good Parts

Big Books Feature: Finding My Place In The World By Writing Erotica [9/27/2006] by Petula Caesar

The Un-Speakable

Big Books Intro: Exploring the Work of Splatterspunk Author Edward Lee [9/27/2006] by Tim Kreider

The Books

Big Books Feature: Reading Smut from the 1950ís to the Present [9/27/2006] by Wendy Ward

The Right Now

Big Books Feature: Alan Moore was one of the first to introduce realistic sex into traditionally juvenile genres. He has drawn this conceit to its extreme in Lost Girls, an oversize, lavishly designed, three-volume rend [9/27/2006] by Tim Kreider

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