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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

First Place: Just Ask Larnell

Comics Feature: [9/9/2009] by Larnell Custis Butler

Third Place: Bruiser & Dude Child

Comics Feature: [9/9/2009] by Christopher Adams

Honorable Mention

Comics Feature: Edgerock by M.G. Toth Untitled by Ben Stiegler Pickle Jar by Ryan Dumas Sassyfrass by Jenna Brager Dumb Ass by June Schmidt [9/9/2009]

The Rest

Comics Feature: [9/9/2009]

Simple Cartooning Tips for The Comics Inclined

Comics Feature: Some pointers for future would-be cartoonists thinking about entering the next City Paper Comics Contest. [9/9/2009] by Benn Ray

The Judges Speak

Comics Feature: Just Ask Larnell by Larnell Custis Butler I want to watch this self-destruct. Cuz you know it will. And it will be awesome. (Benn Ray) Larnell for the win, basically because this is so, so much [9/9/2009]

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