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Sizzlin Calendar

Calendar Introduction

Deanno Staffo

Sizzlin Summer 2005

Hot Topic City Paper’s 2005 Sizzlin’ Summer Guide

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For What Ales Ya City Paper’s Third Annual Search For the Coldest Beer in Baltimore

Posted 5/25/2005

Why does it all seem so sudden? The daylight until 9 p.m., the backyard jungle and shaving the legs every week, those long winter bangs suddenly waay too long. If we were in Europe, we’d enjoy five or six weeks of pure holiday. Instead, we celebrate the Gemini/Cancer/Leo months with a li’l action here and there.

Play. Just play. With the kids, the party people, the dog, family, whomever. Take this chance to spend precious time playing.

Before you know it, fall will hit like a plaid wool Mack truck. Until then, summer’s hope is that you give her your all. We’ve given you a gazillion opportunities to play with her. She’s coming and she needs you.

The neighborhood gang that threw this bad boy together includes Lawrence Bass, Tricia Callahan, Sarah Haller, Laura Lewis, Aurianne de Rudder, Peter Ryan, Collin Tracy, Karma Ward, and Erik Wennermark. Deanna Staffo drew the pictures. And Wendy Ward double-dog dared ’em all.

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