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Oops, We Did It Again

City Paper’s Second Annual Queer Issue

Jefferson Jackson Steele
Jordan Siebert as Hedwig

The Queer Issue 2005

Oops, We Did It Again City Paper’s Second Annual Queer Issue

Gender Blender The People Behind the Charm City Kitty Club Talk About Politics, Art, and Freaking People Out | By Bret McCabe

Separation of Church and Hate Local Clergy Discuss Religion and Homosexuality | By Christina Royster-Hemby

Build Your Own Baltimore Girlfriend | By The City Paper Queerleaders and Emily Flake

Build Your Own Baltimore Boyfriend | By The City Paper Queerleaders and Emily Flake

Yanks for the Memories A Look Back at Baltimore’s Now-Defunct Gay Strip Club Atlantis | By Gadi Dechter

Gay Old Time Your Guide to Pride 2005

Posted 6/15/2005

Baltimore’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community has a lot to be proud of this year. After years of struggle, four pieces of gay-rights legislation passed in both houses of the General Assembly. Attacking someone based on their sexual orientation is now considered a hate crime. Later this summer, the Baltimore City Circuit Court will finally hear the case brought by the Maryland ACLU on behalf of same-sex couples fighting for marriage equality. And efforts by anti-gay politicians, clergy, and activists to turn back the gay-rights clock have largely failed. But this year’s Gay Pride parade won’t be a victory lap. We may have come a long way, baby, but we still have a ways to go. Gov. Robert Ehrlich vetoed two of the four bills, including the Medical Decision Making Act, Anne Arundel County Del. Don Dwyer’s anti-gay campaign shows no signs of dying out, and the religious right marches on.

Still, this weekend is about celebration. It’s about music and parades and celebrating who you are, whoever you are. And we here at Baltimore’s Fag-Haggiest Alternative Weekly sure do love a good party. We’ll be out there watching the parade and drinking silly drinks out of even sillier plastic cups. We’ll tip the drag queens and marvel at block-party headliner RuPaul’s legs (bitch). We’ll watch two mommies stroll along with their kids as we get sandwiched between two bears trying to get yet another frothy beverage. And pretend for one weekend that the world is how we want it to be—accepting and balls-out fun.

To help you make the most of your Baltimore Pride weekend, this year’s Queer Issue hosts a Pride Guide filled with drag performances, local and national singers and dancers, a parade, a race in high heels, and a burlesque show with a monkey. Everyone likes monkeys. Additionally, Bret McCabe talks to the people behind the Charm City Kitty Club about art, activism, and going beyond the same old, same old. Christina Royster-Hemby moderates a round-table discussion between local pro- and anti-gay clergy, while Gadi Dechter takes a look back at the tube socks and bar-top writhing at the now-defunct Club Atlantis. You can even make your very own Twink or Punk Rock baby dyke with our build-your-own boyfriend and girlfriend paper dolls. Of course, that’s assuming you can still cut along the lines after all the merrymaking.

Special thanks to Beth Barnes, Joe Conner, Richard Gorelick, Heather Joslyn, Jim Lucio, and Eric Robinson for lending us their inspired and inspiring minds for this issue.

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