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Build Your Own Baltimore Girlfriend

The Experimental Artist

Lives: In a converted warehouse space.

Hangs Out: At Charm City Kitty Club, the Red Room, 14Karat Kabaret.

Reads: Stitch ’N Bitch, Radar, friends’ poetry.

Listens to: Kaffe Matthews, Ellen Allien, Audrey Chen.

Drinks: Whatever they’re serving at the opening.

Believes: People who don’t like her work are brainwashed by mass media.

Accessories: A tape of her Camm Slamm film, laptop with samples, scarf she’s knitting, love poem to Catherine Pancake.

The Frat Boi

Lives: In Towson.

Hangs Out: At Gallagher’s.

Reads: Books assigned by her college professor.

Listens to: Beastie Boys, other people singing karaoke, whatever is on the radio.

Drinks: Jell-O shooters.

Believes: She and her friends are not wearing the exact same outfit.

Accessories: Lanyard with keys to her Jeep, Celtic anklet tattoo, equipment for softball practice, strap-on.

The Punk Rocker

Lives: At the Copy Cat.

Hangs Out: At the Sidebar and the Talking Head.

Reads: Dykes to Watch Out For, Please Kill Me, She’s a Rebel.

Listens to: Sleater-Kinney, Le Tigre, the Butchies, Die Cheerleader Die.

Drinks: Red Stripe.

Believes: She will never conform.

Accessories: Facial piercings, drum sticks, Donna’s black polo shirt for work, messenger bag with political and band pins.

The Working Mom

Lives: In Lauraville.

Hangs Out: At home.

Reads: The Sun, Mother Jones, ReadyMade, attachment parenting books.

Listens to: WYPR, Melissa Etheridge, Indigo Girls, and other music she listened to in college.

Drinks: Coffee.

Believes: That same-sex couples are denied the more than 1,000 state and federal rights that come with marriage.

Accessories: Expanding folder filled with documents to prove her relationship to her kids and partner, kids’ finger-paintings to hang on fridge, keys to Subaru Outback, Palm Pilot with contacts at the ACLU and Equality Maryland, briefcase filled with more work than her male co-workers and a smaller paycheck.

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