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Build Your Own Baltimore Boyfriend

The Twink

Lives: In the county with his parents.

Hangs Out: At Grand Central and Vibe.

Reads: J.T. Leroy, Savage Love, XY magazine.

Listens to: Donny Burlin remixes, Queer as Folk soundtrack.

Drinks: Stoli Vanilla and Diet Coke with a straw.

Believes: That he is so Justin.

Accessories:: Fake ID, Neosporin for new nipple piercings, City Café coffee card, older man’s phone number.

The Club Head

Lives: In a Lower Charles Village apartment

Hangs Out: At the Hippo, the Sportsman’s Bar, Sonar, the ’Dox.

Reads: Urb, online DJ listings.

Listens to: Baltimore club, deep house, and tribal.

Drinks: Vodka with anything.

Believes:: The party starts when he gets there.

Accessories: Water bottle, shoulder bag filled with burned CDs, extra shirt for wiping off sweat or freshening up, cell phone with everyone’s number in it.

The A-Lister

Lives: In Guilford.

Hangs Out: At fundraising events.

Reads: Baltimore magazine, Michel Foucault, New York Times online.

Listens to: Beck, Moby, Wilco, Lucinda Williams.

Drinks: Pinot.

Believes: He must give back to the community he’s ever so slightly embarrassed by.

Accessories: DAC membership card, Whole Foods bag, keys to the Lexus, list of events he’s sponsored.

The Activity Queen

Lives: In an apartment in Mount Vernon.

Hangs Out: At Gay Bingo, Buzzer, drag pageants, Mount Vernon Stable.

Reads: Gay Life, OutLoud, Martha Stewart Living

Listens to: Show tunes and disco divas.

Drinks: Michelob Ultra.

Believes: Someday his prince will come.

Accessories: Photo of Mom, bingo stamper, quarters for Touch Machine, flier for the drag pageant he sponsors, list of people he’s mad at.

The Indie Rocker

Lives: In Hampden.

Hangs Out:: At the Underground and Taxidermy Lounge dance parties.

Reads: Dennis Cooper, David Sedaris, Spin, Hunter S. Thompson.

Listens to: The Killers, Snow Patrol, the Bravery, Scissor Sisters, Morrissey.

Drinks: Natty Boh.

Believes: He’s bi.

Accessories: Sailor Jerry-style tattoos, flier for his band or art show, wadded-up tips from waiting tables, whatever cigarettes they are giving out for free at the bar.

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