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Big Music Feature

Big Music Mix Thing

Our Very First, Maybe Annual, and Quite Official City Paper Downloadable Mix Of Local Music

Posted 7/20/2005

Every year when vetting story ideas for the Big Music Issue, we always come across more bands that wed like to write about than space we have available. In an effor to shine some light on some fo the lesser-known up-and-coming area outfits, and to offer a sneak peak from anticipated upcoming local releases, we offer you this, the City Paper Big Music Mix Thing. Simply download these songs to your mp3 player or burn to CD and print out this page as the track list.

Check the No Cover section in our Music coverage for more MP3s, extensive listings of local musicians, and future editions of the Mix Thing.

Flowers in the Attic We Do Drugs
Bow N' Arrow Cyber Sex
Written and Produced by Bow N' Arrow
Lake Trout Now We Know (Radio Edit)
Available until 8/9/2005. Written by Lake Trout (lyrics by Woody Ranere) and published by Palm Songs/Tim Buck Says Publishing (ASCAP). All rights for Palm Songs administered in North America by Fairwood Music USA (ASCAP) on behalf of Blue Mountain Music, LTD. (PRS) and the rest of the world by Fairwood Music, Ltd. (PRS) on behalf of Blue Mountain Music, Ltd. (PRS).
The Spark Fireflower
Lyrics and music by the Spark. Recorded by Mike Stankovich at Basement Screams Studios, Washington, DC, July 2004 to be released on a split 7" with Deathcycle (NY) on Burn Bridges Records and Complete Distort Records, August 2005.
Ammo Gully Musick
Produced by Ms. Tris. 2005 Real On Purpose Publishing ASCAP
Tislam the Great Against All Odds
Lyrics copyright Tislam and Mzery; music copyright Side FX Studios.
Hudson Bell Blood Brothers
The Metal Hearts Gentleman's Spell
2005 Metal Hearts
Height Scream and Moan
Can't Stop Snitchin' 2005
OGUN When I'm in the Room
Produced by Ms.Tris. 2005 Real On Purpose Publishing ASCAP
The Oranges Band Spring Break
2005 ASCAP DJ Nick Needles
More Than a Monument Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You
Produced by MTAM and Drew Mazurek, More Than a Monument 2005
Trash Camp Youth Jihad
Trash Camp 2005
The Thinking Toys Stone River
Yukon Crippled Dynasty
Recorded live 5/31/04 at VP Noise. 2004 Yukon
Beyond the Grunt Call Vendetta
2005 Beyond the Grunt Call
Madagascar Hunchback Lithographer
2005 Madagascar (ASCAP)
Pieness This Race
pIENESS 2005
Dan Deacon Ohio (demostration version)

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