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Poetry Winners

Love Is . . .

Third Place, Poetry

Daniel Krall

Fiction & Poetry Contest 2005

Write On Our Annual Fiction and Poetry Contest

The 7-Year-Old Lush First Place, Fiction | By Peter Thompson

The Janitor Second Place, Fiction | By David Rockstar

Pigtown by Blue Light Third Place, Fiction | By Tezhina Bradley

Double Shot First Place, Poetry | By Moira Egan

Thinner Second Place, Poetry | By Amy January

Love Is . . . Third Place, Poetry | By Cybele Pomeroy

By Cybele Pomeroy | Posted 11/30/2005

You bring to me
a steaming stoneware vessel
filled with potable alertness
dark as bitter chocolate
twice as rich.
Thick earthy fragrance
invigorates my inhale
I smile and sip smoky fresh
brewed joe hand ground
by you, my wholesome hero.
You wink at me, then turn
and walk away.
What kind of third-rate
joint is this that I
donít even get
a refill?

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