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Top Ten

The Year in Quotes

Uli Loskot

Top Ten 2006

The Year in News Republican rule was supposed to be good for Maryland, tightening up the fiscal scene and challenging... | By Van Smith

The Year in Quotes 1 "We dress up funny, run around in the woods, and hit each other with sticks. There's something ...

The Year in Movies Must 2006 be the year of Borat? Not trying to take anything away from director Larry Charles and act...

The Year in Television Three-quarters of a century into its existence, television may finally be becoming our mirror. Yes, ...

The Year in Music A bad year for hip-hop? People kept saying that throughout the last 12 months, but you'd never know ...

The Year in Local Music This was hard. A shit-ton of Baltimore bands, singers, rappers, and bang-on-some-pots-and-pans'ers r...

The Year in Art The year's past first Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays have been ridiculously event-packed. How to ...

The Year in Stage There's no denying the pleasures of maximalist theater. A large-cast, elaborate-set production such ...

The Year in Books David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest first appeared 10 years ago. And, apparently, the 10th annivers...

Posted 12/13/2006


"We dress up funny, run around in the woods, and hit each other with sticks. There's something inherently a little funny about that. But how different is it from joining a softball league? You buy a uniform, you spend a lot of time practicing so you can hit a ball with a stick, and run around in a circle."

--Kenyon Wells, aka Keldar of Mordom, a member of the Darkon Wargaming Club. (May 10)


"We never said there were guaranteed sex parties."

--Michelle Butt, WBAL-TV news director, on a story the station ran with the graphic teen sex parties. (Nov. 29)


"I've gotten haikus from zombies, about zombies, about zombie pets, about zombie love relationships, killing zombies--but no love letter to zombies yet, though there's still time. And no zombie-zombie action."

--Jamie Gaughran-Perez lamenting some gaps in the submissions for the Pontiak Fever zombie haiku contest. (July 5)


"Being in the legislature is a lot like being in the third grade."

--Montgomery County Del. Richard S. Madaleno Jr., the first openly gay candidate to run for a state Senate seat. He won. (June 14)


"Baltimore's greatest claim to fame is that Divine ate shit on Read Street. Great cities are not known for having somebody eat dog shit. Baltimore will never be great. It's just not going to happen."

--Former local writer Tom D'Antoni on why a Baltimore renaissance isn't likely to come to pass. (Jan. 25)


"I'm 100 percent vegan 90 percent of the time."

--Michael Harris copping to eating nachos slathered in cheese after being interviewed for an article on raw veganism. (July 5)


"When I hear these speeches, all these chicken-in-every-pot speeches, I understand you're not going to get a chicken in every pot. You're lucky if you get a leg or a thigh up in that pot. When I hear that, I mean that's nice to think that way, but the real life of getting laws passed, it's not that simple."

--Former state delegate Michael Dobson talking about his competitors in the 43rd District state House race. Dobson lost the primary election. (Sept. 6)


"You might know me from such promos as `Do you have a car or some other vehicle you don't need anymore? You can donate it to WYPR.'"

--The Signal's Aaron Henkin detailing his other duties at the station. (May 10)


"Sure. We welcome people who drink on their lunch breaks. We've even served people who've tried pot before and are--now don't tell anyone this--promiscuous."

--Keith, a bartender at Burke's, responding to a question about the bar's patrons. (Sept. 20)


"It would be no different than a corner kid and stoop kid walking down a path and they see a rock and the stoop kid picks it up and says, `This would be a nice building material,' and the corner kid picks it up and says, `This is a hell of a weapon.'"

--former Baltimore City cop and schoolteacher and current Wire co-producer Ed Burns on the difference between corner kids and stoop kids. (Aug. 30)

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