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We Love To See A Good Movie

Introduction to Film Fest Frenzy, 2007

Post Typography

Film Fest Frenzy 2007

We Love To See A Good Movie Introduction to Film Fest Frenzy, 2007

The Independent Blood, Boobs, And Beast Takes Stock Of Underheralded Diy Maverick Don Dohler | By Lee Gardner

Pleasure Cruise Anna Biller Revisits Vintage Sexploitation Flicks And Flips The Script | By Rahne Alexander

Coming Attractions Our Guide to the Maryland Film Festival

Posted 5/2/2007

Sometimes we kinda love to see a bad one, too, 'cause that can be its own kind of good (The Color of Night, anyone?). As they always do, the hard-working folks behind the Maryland Film Festival have put together another selection of good movies--some great ones, even--for its 9th annual event. Maybe not all of them are so great, at least if you ask some of us (see our big Film Fest guide), but even some of those are worth watching for one reason or another. Two of this year's movies, in fact, make a virtue of being all about bad: John Paul Kinhart's Blood, Boobs, and Beast, a documentary ode to low-budget Perry Hall sci-fi/horror auteur Don Dohler, and Anna Biller's Viva, which recasts the crappy sexploitation films of a bygone era for a new day's sexual and aesthetic politics. And as the Charles Theatre, the new tent village across from the Charles, and various auditoriums at MICA and University of Baltimore fill up this weekend with filmmakers and film fans shuffling between screenings, we'd bet most of them would join us in agreeing that, at a certain level, It's All Good. (Speaking of that tent village, it's jammed with far more panels and activities than we have room to cover here; visit for the full details.)

As usual, we want one of you to have the full MFF experience on us, so go to the online quiz page and check out the MFF-related trivia questions. Be the first person to answer them all correctly and you'll win an all-access pass to MFF 2007 (the opening-night event excepted). Please make "Film Fest Frenzy Quiz" the subject line and include your name and daytime phone. Past FFF quiz winners and members of the City Paper extended family are ineligible to win.

Film Fest Frenzy 2007 (not affiliated with the Maryland Film Festival) was written by Rahne Alexander, John Barry, G. Brian Davis, Anna Ditkoff, Edward Ericson Jr., Lee Gardner, Brooke Hall, Jess Harvell, Tim Hill, Chris Landers, Joe MacLeod, Bret McCabe, Christopher Skokna, Erin Sullivan, and Wendy Ward. Post Typography did the cover art, with special thanks to Lola C. and apologies to, um, the Maryland Film Festival. Also, Michael Northrup shot the photograph of John Paul Kinhart. As always, we'd like to thank Jed Dietz, Eric Allen Hatch, and all the folks at MFF.

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